Ditch Whois.com: The Top Alternatives for Better Domain Research

Whois.com is a popular domain name lookup service that allows users to perform WHOIS searches to find information about website owners and domain registrants. However, Whois.com is not the only WHOIS lookup tool available. There are many Whois.com alternatives that offer similar or even more advanced domain lookup functionality.

In this blog post, we will discuss what Whois.com is, why you may want to find alternatives, key features to look for in a Whois tool, top Whois.com alternative options, how to compare top choices, and how to select the right Whois alternative for your needs. Whether you are looking for a free WHOIS lookup tool or are open to paid options with more robust features, this guide will help you find the best Whois.com alternative for domain research and website ownership lookups.

What is Whois.com and Why Find Alternatives?

What is Whois.com and Why Find Alternatives?

Whois.com is a popular WHOIS lookup website operated by DomainTools. It offers a free WHOIS search engine that allows users to perform domain availability checks and identify website owners.

Key features of Whois.com include:

  • Free WHOIS lookups without registration
  • Domain availability checks
  • Reverse WHOIS searches
  • Basic domain research tools
  • Mobile app available
  • No ads or rate limiting

Whois.com provides a simple, easy-to-use interface for basic WHOIS lookups. However, there are some downsides that lead people to seek out alternatives:

  • Limited advanced features – Whois.com lacks some more advanced domain research tools you may find with paid alternatives.
  • No batch WHOIS lookups – Whois.com does not allow bulk WHOIS searches on multiple domains at once. You must look up one domain at a time.
  • Limited historical WHOIS data – Whois.com only provides current domain registration info, not historical snapshots.
  • No API access – Whois.com does not offer a WHOIS API for developers.
  • Lack of support – Some users report poor customer service response times.

For users who need more robust WHOIS capabilities, finding a capable Whois.com alternative is recommended. The ideal alternative WHOIS tool will offer features like:

  • Bulk WHOIS lookups
  • Historical WHOIS data
  • Reverse IP lookup
  • Reverse name server lookup
  • WHOIS monitoring/alerts
  • WHOIS API access
  • Strong customer support

By taking the time to find a WHOIS service that aligns with your specific domain research needs, you can gain access to more powerful lookup options to aid your online investigations.

Key Features to Look for in a Whois.com Alternative

When evaluating potential Whois.com alternatives, there are several key features to look for to ensure the WHOIS lookup tool can meet your specific needs:

Bulk WHOIS Lookups

The ability to perform bulk WHOIS lookups on multiple domains at once is an essential feature if you need to research large numbers of domains. Whois.com only allows single domain searches. Quality alternatives will allow batch imports of domain lists for WHOIS analysis.

Historical WHOIS Data

Accessing historical WHOIS records can provide invaluable insights like:

  • Original domain registration date
  • Changes in registrant info over time
  • Domain expire/renewal dates
  • Past hosting IP addresses

Whois.com provides current data only. Alternative WHOIS services with historical data access allow you to “go back in time” up to 5+ years.

Reverse IP Lookup

A reverse IP lookup takes an IP address and shows all domains hosted on that IP. This reveals “neighbor” sites that may be related to your target domain. Whois.com lacks reverse IP search capability offered by some alternatives.

Reverse Name Server Lookup

This feature shows all domains using a given name server, revealing “sister sites” with common registrants. Useful for tracking down related domains to a target.

WHOIS Monitoring & Alerts

WHOIS monitoring notifies you of any changes to a domain’s WHOIS data so you can track registrant changes, expiration dates, and more. Daily or real-time email alerts are ideal.


A WHOIS API allows developers to integrate WHOIS data into custom software and web apps. Essential for automating workflows and WHOIS integrations.

Customer Support

Due to the technical nature of WHOIS data, having responsive customer support via phone, email, and live chat is extremely helpful when you have questions or issues.

By selecting a Whois.com alternative with these key features, you can take your WHOIS investigations to the next level.

Top Whois.com Alternative Options

Based on the key WHOIS lookup features just covered, here are some of the top Whois.com alternatives worth considering:


Top Whois.com Alternative Options

Domaintools operates a robust WHOIS lookup service and offers advanced features including:

  • Bulk WHOIS data via upload or API
  • Historical WHOIS database
  • Reverse IP lookup
  • Reverse name server lookup
  • Full WHOIS monitoring and alerts
  • Powerful WHOIS API
  • Excellent customer support

However, Domaintools lacks a free WHOIS search option. Paid plans start at $99/month for standard features.



Whois.is provides a combination of free and paid WHOIS lookup options:

  • Free single WHOIS searches
  • Bulk imports available on paid plans
  • Historical WHOIS records included
  • Reverse IP and name server lookup
  • WHOIS monitoring and API access
  • Knowledgeable support

Whois.is could be a good option if you only need occasional paid WHOIS access paired with free basic searches.



WhoisXML API focuses on WHOIS data via API access. Key features:

  • Robust WHOIS API with global data
  • Free tier for basic API usage
  • Bulk WHOIS capability
  • Historical WHOIS records
  • Reverse IP included
  • Developer-focused features

Ideal for developers needing an affordable WHOIS API or making custom WHOIS tools.


Top Whois.com Alternative Options

Who.is Lookup provides a combination of free and paid WHOIS access:

  • Free single WHOIS searches
  • Bulk WHOIS lookups require paid subscription
  • Includes historical WHOIS data
  • Good customer service reputation
  • Simple and easy to use

Who.is Lookup is a cost-effective option for basic WHOIS needs plus bulk lookups.

Comparing the Top Whois.com Alternatives

When trying to decide between top Whois.com alternatives, it helps to compare their key features, plans, and pricing side-by-side.

Here is an overview comparison table of the top Whois.com alternative options we have covered:

FeatureDomaintoolsWho.isWhoisXML APIWho.is Lookup
Free single WHOISNoYesAPI onlyYes
Bulk WHOIS lookupsYesYesYesPaid only
Historical WHOIS dataYesYesYesYes
Reverse IP lookupYesYesYesNo
Reverse name server lookupYesYesNoNo
WHOIS monitoring/alertsYesPaid onlyNoNo
WHOIS API accessYesPaid onlyYesNo
Customer supportPhone, email, chatEmail, chatEmail, chatEmail, chat
Starting priceFreeFree

This table summarizes the core strengths of each top Whois.com alternative. Use it as a quick reference to match potential services to your specific WHOIS lookup requirements.

How to Choose the Right Whois.com Alternative for You

Selecting the ideal Whois.com alternative depends on your specific domain research needs and budget. Follow these tips to identify the best match:

Define Must-Have Features

Start by making a list of the WHOIS capabilities that are essential for your work such as:

  • Bulk WHOIS lookups
  • Access to historical records
  • WHOIS monitoring/alerts
  • Reverse IP/name server lookup

Rank these by importance to create your WHOIS requirements checklist.

Consider Your Volume of Lookups

Lookup volume should factor into your choice. If you only occasionally need WHOIS data, a free or low-cost monthly subscription may suffice. But if you routinely research large domain lists, unlimited high-volume paid plans are better.

Compare Core Strengths

Use the comparison chart above to match services to your top required features. Domaintools leads for robust tools but can be costly overkill for basic needs. WhoisXML API prioritizes API access. Whoxy balances advanced and free tiers.

Sign Up for Free Trials

The best way to evaluate tools is to test them yourself. Most services offer free trials or free usage tiers. Take advantage of these to get hands-on with key features before committing.

Check User Reviews

Independent user reviews on sites like Capterra and G2Crowd provide unbiased feedback on pros/cons of each service. Check reviews to identify potential issues prior to purchasing.

Consider Budget

Budget often dictates options. Free WHOIS works for limited use. For professional domains research, paid services with robust capabilities provide the best value long-term.

By clearly defining your needs, methodically comparing options, trying free trials, and checking reviews, you can confidently choose the ideal Whois.com alternative to meet your specific WHOIS lookup requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • Whois.com offers free single WHOIS lookups but lacks some advanced features available from alternatives.
  • Key WHOIS capabilities like bulk lookups, historical data, monitoring, and API access differentiate basic vs. robust tools.
  • Leading Whois.com alternatives include Domaintools, Whoxy, WhoisXML API, and Whois Lookup which each offer different strengths.
  • Use the comparison chart to match key features to your specific domain research needs and budget when evaluating alternatives.
  • Hands-on trials, independent reviews, defined requirements, and budget considerations help identify the best WHOIS alternative.
  • Whether you need simple free lookups or advanced paid WHOIS access, a quality Whois.com alternative exists to meet your domain research needs.

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